Calculating The Total Amount Of Ampicillin Assignment Paper

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Calculating The Total Amount Of Ampicillin Assignment Paper


The veterinarian asks Karen to reconstitute a bottle of the antibiotic Ampicillin to administer intravenously. The dosage of the drug is 4 mg/lb. Ampicillin comes in 3 g vials. Each vial needs to be mixed with a diluent for a final concentration of 300 mg/ml.

How many milliliters of diluent should be mixed with each 3 g bottle of Ampicillin to achieve the desired concentration?

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Step 1/3
First, we need to calculate the total amount of Ampicillin in a 3 g vial. Since there are 1000 mg in 1 g, a 3 g vial contains 3,000 mg of Ampicillin.
A wide range of bacterial illnesses, including meningitis, gastrointestinal infections, respiratory tract infections, and urinary tract infections, are all treated with ampicillin, a broad-spectrum antibiotic. It prevents bacterial expansion and reproduction, which is how it functions. Ampicillin is a member of the penicillin family of antibiotics, which are frequently employed as the first line of defense against bacterial infections.
Next, we need to calculate the maximum dose of Ampicillin for Karen’s pet. We’re told the dosage is 4 mg/lb, so we need to know the weight of the pet. Let’s say the pet weighs 10 lbs. The maximum dose would be:
The maximum dose =4×10=40
4 mg/lb x 10 lbs = 40 mg
Step 2/3
Now, we need to calculate how much of the reconstituted solution to administer to deliver the maximum dose.
dose (mg) = volume (ml) x concentration (mg/ml)
Since the concentration is 300 mg/ml, we can use the mentioned formula.
Solving for volume:
Dose(mg) = 40mg
Concentration(mg/ml) = 300mg/ml
Using the formula mentioned above:
Volume =40300=0.13
dose (mg) = volume (ml) x concentration (mg/ml)
volume (ml) = dose (mg) / concentration (mg/ml)
volume (ml) = 40 mg / 300 mg/ml
volume (ml) = 0.13 ml
So, to deliver a 40 mg dose of Ampicillin to a 10 lb pet, we would need to administer 0.133 ml of the reconstituted solution.
Step 3/3
Now, we need to calculate how many milliliters of diluent we need to mix with the 3 g vial of Ampicillin to achieve the desired concentration of 300 mg/ml. Let’s call the volume of diluent we need to add “x”.
We know that the total volume of the reconstituted solution will be the volume of the Ampicillin plus the volume of the diluent, so:
3 g = 3,000 mg of Ampicillin Concentration = 300 mg/ml
Total volume of reconstituted solution=3,000300=10
3,000 mg / 300 mg/ml = 10 ml (total volume of reconstituted solution)
We also know that the amount of Ampicillin in the reconstituted solution is still 3,000 mg, so:
volume of Ampicillin x concentration of Ampicillin = 3,000 mg
Divide each term in (10−x)×300=3 by 300 and simplify.
Move all terms not containing x to the right side of the equation.
Divide each term in −x=−999100 by −1 and simplify.
Replace the variable x with 999100 in the expression.
This result tells us that we don’t need to add any diluent to the 3 g vial of Ampicillin to achieve the desired concentration of 300 mg/ml. Instead, we would simply add 10 ml of sterile water for injection or another appropriate diluent to reconstitute the 3 g of Ampicillin powder, resulting in a concentration of 300 mg/ml.
Final answer
To get the appropriate concentration of 300 mg/ml from the 3 g bottle of ampicillin, no diluent is required. Instead, we would simply reconstitute the 3 g of ampicillin powder with 10 ml of sterile water for injection or another suitable diluent, producing a concentration of 300 mg/ml. Calculating The Total Amount Of Ampicillin Assignment Paper

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